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NBC: An Introduction to Cringecore
LIVE-webcast: February 19th, 2006

Drew and Rob of the Neighborhood Bass Coalition took the studio to bring you a little oof, ugh, um and hmmm caliber songs in this personally coined, 2 hour intro to the errrrr...genre. You're of course still invited to curl up on your bed of nails or pull up your straight back chair - and endure, (I mean *enjoy*) a special selection of tunes guaranteed to make you squirm.

Ah hell ! I bank on a lot more pleasure than pain - won't you agree?! Grab this archive now!


  /   OOoo..<*)))-{




Intro for the guest show

DJ - s&S  

The Wonderful World of Children

J.P. Rags Scruffety

Cringecore Intro


Hang In There Mr. President

Bernie Knee 7"

Taft / Wilson

Walter Brennan The President

Jimmy Carter Says Yes

Gene Marshal The Beat of the Traps
  Nothing To Fear Walter Brennan The President
  Songs and Speeches of Nazi Germany Marching Songs Speeches  

DJ back announce / pre announce

Scruffety J. P. Rags Scruffety
  Anti Drug PSA David Essex  

Something to think about

J. P. Rags Scruffety

Monkey Song

Robin & Crystal Bernard Fuedin' Fussin' & Frettin'
Check Me Baby Willie Tomlin 7"
Ultra Violet & Infra Red Tom Glazer & Dottie Evans Energy and Motion Songs
Breakaway Alex North Space 1999 Soundtrack
Justice League Theme Uncredited Justice League
General Ursus speaks James Gregory (as Ursus) Beneath the Planet of the Apes Soundtrack
Metamorpho's Theme Uncredited Justice League
UFO - Theme Hack British TV Theme Ripoff LP
DJ - back announce DJ's  
Microchip in Hi-Fi Kaiser Aluminum 10" Promo
  Porky Pig Anti Drug PSA    
76 Plastic Molds! Mattelzapoppin 10" promo 1964
DJ - cringe core talk (sort of like 'Car Talk') DJ  
The Gym Teacher Meg Christian  
Leaping Lesbians Meg Christian  
Warm, Wet Feeling Sleeze Attack Sleeze Attack
My Little Cats    
America, We Are Sexy
Elton White personal collection
Donkey Punch???? Avenue D Bootleg
Folsom Street  Sleeze Attack Sleeze Attack
The Chick had Big Ole Tits Elton White  
Show The Way In Rosener  
Alley cat Betty White personal collection
You're So Sexy to Me Betty White  
Adam & Eve Gypsy Rose Lee An Evening with Gypsy Rose Lee
Criswell Predicts Mae West  
Nervous Mae West Way Out West
DJ - back announce / pre announce DJ  
Der Twist Beginnt Chubby Checker Twistin Round The World
Sing mit Heino Heino  
In einer Bar in Mexico Heino  
Wir sind des Gayerschwarzenhaufen Heino  
Ja, Ja wenn Mutterlacht Heino  
Chakirri Cha Cha Cha The Peanuts The Peanuts 10" (rare)
  DJ - back announce / pre announce DJ  
The Young New Mexican Puppeteer Tom Jones  
tones / s&S ID.....outro - goodbye    
ugh - quiet, quiet microphone    
..ooOOoo....ooOOoo..ooOOoo..ooOOoo..ooOOoo.. ..ooOOoo....ooOOoo..ooOOoo..ooOOoo..ooOOoo.. ..ooOOoo....ooOOoo..ooOOoo..ooOOoo..ooOOoo..