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This is Uyghur dutar (2 stringed Uyghur instrument) virtuoso Abdurehim Heyit. To many, he’s it’s undisputed master and plays with a truly unique style. The flashing Las Vegas style stage was a very popular Uyghur music video setting a few years back.

There’s another vid posted HERE that I shot where you can see him and another Uyghur musician bringing down the house with an American jazz trio visiting here from the states in May’07.


This video shows authentic Uyghur sanam style dancing in south Xinjiang. Heavy drum (naghra and dap) music gets the locals who opt to participate up and twirling up against each other. There’s competition in that folks are ‘eliminated’ by not being able to keep up with the combination of bold, yet graceful improvised moves. The old guy left standing at the end is apparently the winner. from a VCD I picked up in the street bazaar outside my home.


Uyghur entertainer Polat Aqniyaz is a’rockin with his insane triple whammy instrument, the “mungtar”. That’s a bass-ravap (bass version of the standard Kashgar ravap) on top, a ghejek (bowed fiddle) in the middle and a rock-n-roll guitar down low.

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