Below are images from Xinjiang compiled into the following contained Flash galleries. Photos taken between 2003-2007 by Miradil Hassan and Fausto Caceres.

gallery1.jpgGallery 1: Scenes from Kashgar – photos by MH
gallery2.jpgGallery 2: Scenes of S. Xinjiang – photos by FC & MH
gallery3.jpgGallery 3: Images of field- recording sessions : S. Xinjiang – photos by FC & MH

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  1. Jen Richads said,

    November 30, 2017 at 9:47 am


    I’m trying to get in contact with Miradil Hassan for an image that was used by Michael Bakan in a world music program. He took the image with Fausto Caceres, and I need to send him an updated permission letter for the image.

    Please email me so I can send the letter.

    Jen Richards

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