The Commuter: New Music Mixes – to GO!

Posted on May 7th, 2008 by s&S.
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the s&S commuter

Whether by land, sea or air, your sticky swell s&S sound source is there!
So for your next to-and-fro, enjoy a few NEW goodie music mixes (including playlists) – by your Remote Operator and special guest programmer KNUTe

available for streaming & download in the ARCHIVE



Ninah Pixie

Comment on May 14th, 2008.

hey there fausto! just wanted to send word to you somehow seeing how fast time is flying by and all…. hope you are doing ok out there, we think of you often over here, and in lieu of recent tragic news about the earthquake over there have been holding you in our thoughts even more. it’s been such a treat to have these s&S mixes– always brightens up the day/eve around here for sure! greetings from all the big city orchestrae folks (cliff, kerri, dAS, melissa, cheryl, etc). our longstanding ubRadio tradition is still going strong, now ‘casting from our home studio on DFM Radio Television International every week (wheee, it’s a lot to keep up with but lotta fun). much different from the evenings of 3-hour marathon shows at Compound Eye but amusing to see what can happen in a 2 hour improvisational slot nonetheless.

take care out there, we miss you!! xoxo the pixie & friends from the land of UB


Comment on May 15th, 2008.

And good Ms. Pixie – thanks for the kind words! Looks like I’ll be in states and your neck of the woods this summer for a bit so can actually maybe even sit in on one of these Ubcasts if you’d have me. On my return to the PRC, I’ll no longer be in the city furthest from the sea however – at least for a good while. I’ll be making a previously unanticipated transition to South China….which will surely bring new sets of sounds to share!

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