American fella – of Honduran parentage, conquistador lineage and intercontinental upbringing. Been stroking this chinny chin or pumping a fist in the air since ’71. I’m a hunter, gatherer, lover of sounds and the mental journeys they have the power to take you on….
Sound designer / noise pusher by trade & persuasion; arts person-guy by natural default; mild mannered overlord of Shirley & Spinoza Internet Radio if you fancy. I enjoy romantic walks very far from the beach – with socks ON.

I recently left my wilting California (SF Bay Area ==>Oakland) life to return to the magic carpet land that captivated me so in 2003. I was originally here on a grant to document and capture via field recordings folk music & sounds (much of which you can hear if you’re smart and follow that link) This time, I’m here in longer open ended terms – to live, study language (Chinese & Uyghur), work and carry on in a hopefully expanded form all from before and more – and share with you all what pulled me back to these lands. …among other things.

I currently live in Ürümqi, capital of Xinjiang P. R. China in case anyone asks.


ABOUT THIS SITE:Truth be told – lines get fuzzy with me. The promise of a ‘”2″ might get you a “3″; a “5″ might be a “4 and half” – I apologize, but for the most part this is where you can keep relatively personal tabs on me: your pal, brother, son, enemy, long lost nightmare e-date or one more random online find, FC.

Here you’ll find things that while expectedly of little interest to CNN and the like, might make a friend or relative feel like I’m not so terribly far away once in a while while munching a morning bagel back home. From my lair in Ãœrümqi, I’ll simply be posting anecdotals from time to time and bit of hopefully interesting media…(regionally and culturally enlightening!!) to share on these pages – including: recordings, video, images and music compilations…..less a ‘blog’ and more a pretty depository for now.

If you’re looking for actual project work that I’m aiming to produce while here, you should go to the other site: Royal Oculus & Gramophone Co.

If you’re looking for a streaming window into the SHIRLEY & SPINOZA world of sounds, the web radio stream that I operate – go the radio stream page right HERE – or the ARCHIVE of past live shows right HERE.

So there you go…

FC_wiggle_2001 -Fausto


  1. Paul Gailiunas said,

    January 22, 2009 at 10:21 am

    Hi Fausto,

    This is Paul Gailiunas. I wrote an e-mail to the only address I had and didn’t hear back yet. Trying to get in touch with you regarding the sound for Helen’s film which I am still working on.

    Can you email me with a contact email? I imagine you may not have continuous email access in China.

    I hope you are well! Paul.

  2. Samantha Culp said,

    May 12, 2009 at 11:30 am


    I was looking to contact you, but your main “contact” page (http://compound-eye.org/rogc/contact) doesn’t seem to work? (no verification code visible, and it won’t let you submit the form) In any case I just wanted to say that I’ve enjoyed your blog/music curating ever since I first heard it some time ago – I’m an American writer/curator/artist currently living in Beijing (Hong Kong for several years before), and one of my personal interests is researching lesser-known music cultures around Asia (like 60s/70s Southeast Asian rock and pop, some Chinese folk, Japanese noise music, etc). I was also helping coordinate some Asian music content for National Geographic TV, and was learning more about Xinjiang/Uyghur music for that. I will actually be going to Xinjiang for the first time in a few weeks. I’m wondering if you’re still around urumqi or elsewhere? I would be curious to hear what you’re working on these days, also if you have any general recommendations on good places to see/check out music and interesting local happenings in and around kashgar, urumqi, etc.
    Thanks much and congrats again on your great compilations and blog! cheers- Samantha

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