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Kyrgyz eghiz komuz, komuz

examples of a Kyrgyz ‘eghiz khomuz’, literally “mouth lute” (or ‘temir komuz” meaning ‘iron lute’) and komuz – the traditional Kyrgyz stringed instrument. In the first part of clip, you can see I’m close to the softer sound of the eghiz komuz player and the komuz is sitting a bit further away, out of frame. The second clip shows komuz played by Maman. musicians: Hayat (eghiz komuz), Ebray (komuz), Maman (komuz). recorded in Artux


Each woman here is playing both a dutar and a dap at once- a particular Aksu style. musicians: Risalet Tumur, Tursangul Kurban


first part of the clip shows sunai and naghra playing then features a short bit of a larger group playing meshrep songs. musicians: Memetursun, Rosei, Ekrem, Hashim Muhamed-Imin

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