s&S: Semi-Bi-Quarterly-Fall 2002: Run & Cry

Posted on October 22nd, 2002 by s&S.
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The Semi-Bi-Quarterly series was simply intended to be a packaging scheme to compile elements of the shirley & Spinoza universe for folks less inclined to live tethered to a web-radio line. The idea was to put together volumes within no defined regular time-frame – when I had time basically…hence the name. These were mostly just to give away to friends and associates who already confessed to a short lived addiction to the stream of those days. The original covers, inside and out were all hand cut, constructed, so there just weren’t very many.

Fall 2002: “Run & Cry” / 跑和哭 featured an assortment of compositions, cutups and ‘songs’ made by one or the other of us exclusively for s&S radio during the preceding spring and summer. In many cases, they were improvised bits from within live shows that were then refined into the forms here.

*note – these guys & Half Eating: Baby Lion’s Nightmare also appeared on: Oddio Overplay’s free, downloadable 2006 Halloween album “Calling All Fiends”

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Nebulous Rex – radio theater

Posted on December 20th, 2001 by s&S.
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Several years ago, s&S thought it might be fun to try our hand at something along the lines of conventional radio theater…hmmm.
Well, the fact that we didn’t make it past the first episode I think speaks more of the realization that hand-making and editing every line and every sound was a bit time consuming…shoot, we even foleyed the subtle movement of character clothing and light foot movements in separate takes! ..and in many cases, we weren’t even in the same city when recordings lines and emailing them back and forth – though, in the end I’d say it was all fairly convincing.
I realize there are no Oscar winning performances here and that the plot is a bit thin (fneh!), but still – there are many enjoyable, ridiculous scenes in these 30 minutes….and if jLesser really liked it, then it can’t be all that bad… i think. :P
most all voices by FC & DC, minus the appearance of 2 lady pals. Click on the image above get to more info.

from the original Nebulous Rex pressmill:
EPISODE 1 SUMMARY – After an extended drift, the interstellar floater – Euphonius Drive- finally has the legendary Aegax Oliasis asteroid in it’s midst when a confounding transmission comes through, apparently from it’s surface.
Under mysterious circumstance, things on board begin to take on a new order.
Talking computers, Polynesian snifters, falling chandeliers, prize shirts, and personnel tracking machines are all cosmic bedfellows in the year of our astrolord 1771………..the start of a segmented introduction to ‘Nebulous REX’


“behind the scenes” gallery is HERE

you can hear all nine parts separately below or stream / download the whole thing at the bottom of this entry:
total running time: 30 mins

Part 1: the troubling transmission from the Aegax Oliasis
Part 2: …in the ship’s lounge. Eviva always wants to dance.
Part 3: waiting for Van Murak; the fiasco in Engineering
Part 4: Didodo’s lab; Engineering
Part 5: ..in the lounge again; Blordox arrives & gets his crappy gift.
Part 6: Marti dealing with the meltdown in Engineering; back in the lounge..
Part 7: Van Murak arrives; trackers raid the lounge; rabbit hole
Part 8: the secret shuttle; LIMN data transfer; star crispers
Part 9: off to colony Z…
…and a bonus scene from “1951″: