guest performancs: Lesser & M.C. Schmidt

Posted on January 26th, 2003 by s&S.
Categories: electronic, improvisation, performance.

Sunday, January 26th 2003, 8:30pm-9:45pm PST
LIVE: j. Lesser & MC Schmidt of Matmos

(superstar Schmidt took the last minute place of an under- the-weather Blevin Blectum this evening, who had
been originally scheduled. Thanks Martin!)

only the spook-loveliest mood music for the
chryogenically deep-frozen. happy voyage!

mp3 excerpts:


s&S: January 19th, 2003 (highlights from past shows)

Posted on January 19th, 2003 by s&S.
Categories: *Some Damn Intern, collage, electronic, experimental, live-mix, other guests, vintage s&S.

Sunday, January 19th 2003, 8:00pm-9:30 PST
LIVE: some damn intern

mixed highlights from past live s & S webcasts 10/02-01/03

Thumbing through the index of LIVE webcasts from the preceding few months,
highlights included snippets of guest collagists and noisemakers
David Slusser, Len Peterson, Kristin Miltner, James Livingston
in addition to the usual s&S concocted fare.


Bleakhouse! – live remote webcast: People Like Us, Wobbly, Matmos, Miso, others

Posted on January 18th, 2003 by s&S.
Categories: music mix, performance.

Saturday, January 18th 2003, 10:20pm – 1:00am PST
LIVE: Wobbly vs. People Like Us, Matmos(dj), DJ Miso & others
(this was beamed live from a party at bLeakhouse)

from the bouncing, action-packed Wobbly/PLU set

mp3 excerpts:


live performance: Big City Orchestra & UNIVAC Index

Posted on January 12th, 2003 by s&S.
Categories: *Big City Orchestra, electronic, improvisation, noise, performance.

Sunday, January 12th 2003, 8:00pm -11:00pm PST
LIVE: The UNIVAC Index & Big City Orchestra

moogs, so many moogs… & KAOSS pads….so many KAOSS pads (even custom glowing blue ones)
3 hours of electronic synth drones. spanning ‘terribly evil’ to ‘sweet waterbed’ noise

mp3 excerpts:


s&S: Another Stinking Antecedent

Posted on January 5th, 2003 by s&S.
Categories: collage, found / thriftstore, live-mix, vintage s&S.

Sunday, January 5th 2003, 8:00pm-9:20pm PST
LIVE: Shirley & Spinoza

“another stinkin antecedent”

improvised live soundtrack to an imaginary missing episode of “the Land of the Lost”.

The show starts and we still haven’t found the source of a mysterious buzz – turns out it was this little fella in cahoots with a light dimmer in the next room (aka LOTL).

mp3 excerpts: