Remote Operator – Air Check: 27 July 2010

Posted on July 27th, 2010 by s&S.
Categories: Remote Operator.

In the wee pre-dawn hours while sitting here in my operator’s jammy pants with the Yunnan rains pouring outside, I mixed and beamed live through the great firewall from Kunming to the micro-masses on this date – tunes, sounds, noises and such – mainly as part of a series of tests to see if I could reliably send a steady stream through. The show itself came out as great rolicking fun, and I trust you’ll agree. I cut out large chunks in the version of the recording posted here (an extended, epic Chinese themed mega mix in the middle for example) so that they could be presented separately as part of a couple of upcoming *new* ‘China’ shows I’ll post soon…that, and a few absurd flubs like falling asleep on a mute button for a couple of minutezzzzzzzz.

There you go. Enjoy, human!

playing time 70 mins

listen to SO-SO quality stream here:

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OR – DOWNLOAD a high quality mp3 below: