Remote Operator – Air Check: 27 July 2010

Posted on July 27th, 2010 by s&S.
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In the wee pre-dawn hours while sitting here in my operator’s jammy pants with the Yunnan rains pouring outside, I mixed and beamed live through the great firewall from Kunming to the micro-masses on this date – tunes, sounds, noises and such – mainly as part of a series of tests to see if I could reliably send a steady stream through. The show itself came out as great rolicking fun, and I trust you’ll agree. I cut out large chunks in the version of the recording posted here (an extended, epic Chinese themed mega mix in the middle for example) so that they could be presented separately as part of a couple of upcoming *new* ‘China’ shows I’ll post soon…that, and a few absurd flubs like falling asleep on a mute button for a couple of minutezzzzzzzz.

There you go. Enjoy, human!

playing time 70 mins

listen to SO-SO quality stream here:

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

OR – DOWNLOAD a high quality mp3 below:



time source

live Kunming rain (microphone literally pointed out the window during show) / Tom RecchionIt Just Stood There, Pulsating, Glowing In The Dark, Hovering Slightly Above / callers saying 你好  from Kunming radio / Daphne Oram – sounds / voices/ DJ banter/ beeps / thunder /various sounds / Madliene / Double Radio guy / synth drummy stuff


DJ in the closet / Mushuk studio intern /  music: Pham duc ThanhTrong Quan


Rokhausen: Since I Decided to Go


Movie Trailer: Invasion of the Bee Girls


Leslie Sansone – Leslie Guided Walk [Voice-Cued walk] / pneumatics


Vladiswar Nadishana - Unregular Dance


Little Blue BooksThey’re Listening / Double Rainbow Guy / Katya laugh loop / Morton SubotnikTouch (part 2 excerpt) / “fool humans!”


generic jazzy drums / Movie Trailer: The Screaming Skull / “Christy” vocals (vocal Jam-pack)


LouisJack, the drummer with the heavenly eyes

24:21 John BakerThe Chase / DJ banter / “generic sponsors”
25:30 The Golden Gate QuartetMy Walkin Stick
27:45 Pascal ComeladeAmacord / “What Are you Listening to?” REMCO Radio Kit advertisement clips / Live Kunming rain
29:18 Saksiam PetchChompu – Jeb Jeb Sab Sab (Hurt Hurt Sting Sting)
31:54 Daniel Vallencien et Philippe MathéCyclothimine
32:50 Schaeng PfuiChorweiler / DJ banter / cheering crowd
35:02 Movie Trailer: Lady Frankenstein
35:46 The ButterfliesHouse of the Rising Sun / ‘Antony, Eve and the’ (BBC News clip July 2010) / (00:38:12) John BakerMilky Way
39:52 DJ banter – ID 220 volts / Escape from Tiger’s Maw (clip)
42:05 Zhou XuanPicking the Betelnut (Cai Bin Lang)
44:17 Voo Promo The Day the Music Died
44:35 The GaylordsYakety Yak (American Hits in Italian)
46:20 YximallooWatabokkuri#2 / Dilchat does an unwitting phonetic s&S ID reading Chinese characters.
47:26 Chinese short-wave radio / morse code ID & drone
48:00 Chinese Intermediate vocabulary list Boya book lesson 4 / live synthy beat / processed Dong minority vocals
50:17 Pascal ComeladeC’era Una Volta Il West / DJ banter / live Kunming rain
52:09 Gaslamp KillerZalim Edit
54:38 2polNichts / DJ banter / (你好’s  from Kunming radio)
60:03 Dave Tarras TrioYiddish Branas Hassene
62:40 DJ banter – Intern performance intro
63:48 the Interns sing
64:52 Vernon LenoirSymeon Of The Desert
65:58 Phil Reed/Frank PicherI Can’t Remember to Forget / DJ banter – saying goodbye for now
68:45- Ray CathodeWaltz in Orbit
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Comment on September 24th, 2010.

I love this, but the download leads me to a dead link.
Hugs and kisses to the interns.


Comment on September 24th, 2010.

oops! link now fixed!


Comment on December 15th, 2010.

Drew / Robo here- – I’m just writing ‘cuz I’m glad to see that you’re still doing some new broadcasts! Good times.


Comment on January 14th, 2012.

extremely entertaining! ahhh.. quelle magique..veritable multiverse of aural wonderments..many thank yous s&..S!

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