Some Damn Intern: Romance & Intimacy EXPO !

Posted on February 12th, 2006 by s&S.
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Some Damn Intern: Romance & Intimacy EXPO !! (Valentine’s Show)
LIVE-mixed webcast of songs and sounds:
February 12th, 2006


Some Damn Intern presents: Romance and Intimacy EXPO 2006!
Crash! Boom! Boom! Crash!

but really….I was simply spinning, sprinkling sugary music & sounds for all the fermented berry-drunk lovebirds out there ….
Happy Valentine’s Day!! no vinegar from this boy today.

** thanks to those who emailed to reserve a slow-dance with
Some Damn Intern on s&S (you know who you are)!


running time: 3 hours


s&S: It’s Melting!

Posted on December 25th, 2005 by s&S.
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December 25th, 2005 0-0pm
NO LIVE SHOW – However…..

s&S (2002) : It’s Melting!
… a LIVE Holiday fiasco show from ’02…

sit down for a nice, hot cup of seasonal “whatthehellisgoingon?-nog” – a spicey beverage commonly shared during the classic era of LIVE s&S when the 2 voices of the period, “#1″ & “#2″, often and earnestly bickered with uncooperative machinery. ‘Tis Guaranteed to leave a smile and a slight ringing in the ears. Melting Holiday special is the same show linked to for Dec. 22, 2002 elsewhere in the archive.

running time: 1 hour


ROGC: Hallowe’eny E’en

Posted on October 30th, 2005 by s&S.
Categories: *Royal Oakland Gramophone Co., collage, electronic, experimental, holiday theme, improvisation, live-mix, noise, spoken.

October 30th 2005 8-11:30pm
ROGC: Hallowe’eny e’en special!

Ever hear the sound of DJ mummy dust blow past a microphone? or the subtle sound of cobwebs on a turntable? How about creaking, squealing headphones from beyond?

Didn’t think so – and we kept it that way. Hope you tuned in for a live mixed audio spook fix though – sounds & stories

– presented by the Royal Oakland Gramophone Company.

Ok, sometimes I really didn’t try hard enough with the themes…I mean…it was the night BEFORE Hallowe’en, so I gave you a Hallowe’en Eve show – simple formula. But unlike any unrelenting sugary references to holiday ‘boo!’ characters typical of Halloween shows, I was going for something both seasonally fun AND genuinely spooky. Plus I even played 20 seconds of Bark at the Moon.
Shut up!!! It’s my show… I can do whatever I want!
Seriously, I think this show works at any time of the year, and your iPod doesn’t even have to be black and covered in polyester cobwebs -n- candy corn.

running time: 3.5 hours


s&S: It’s Melting!

Posted on December 22nd, 2002 by s&S.
Categories: collage, holiday theme, live-mix, spoken, vintage s&S.

Sunday, December 22nd 2002, 8:00pm-9:30pm PST
LIVE: Shirley & Spinoza

“the Kwanzanukahmas NogAssault”
the polar ice-cap melted, the radio died and the new satellite performance setup of #2 fought back on our very special holiday episode!
(i can think of two stockings that were filled withlumps-o-coal.)

mp3 excerpts:

download the entire thing below: