ROGC: The Big Jettison (last live show on s&S)

Posted on May 14th, 2006 by s&S.
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ROGC: The Big Jettison! (last show)
LIVE-mixed webcast re-hash: May 14th, 2006

This was the last live-mix webcast on s&S from the Oakistan studio. over 5 hours long – conveniently broken up into 1 hour chunks because…. well, lets just be reasonable.


This night we released the auxiliary rocket boosters and sand bags, folks.
This was the LAST live webcast show on s&S – at least for a good while. So, it seemed appropriate to needle-drop on highlights from past ROGC shows; say farewell, play some music, too many clips from The Omega Man DVD and whatever else fell into the mix.

Over the last year plus, I took to offering these regular little themed sonic rides … from low-concept to slightly above low-concept – creating the soundtracks of imaginary films on the fly! During that time, this little Sunday ROGC theater offered the improvised likes of vaudville dada-systems; semi stories, wishful documentaries; the sounds of party-favor science films and sometimes even just nice music.
With several varied but themed sources and elements routinely layered at once (via turntables, CD’s, mp3′s, loops, microphoned objects, a synth, sampler, etc…) , sonic terrains and narratives were revealed to me in the same moments as they were to those of you that tuned in for the LIVE webcasts.
Yay! live-mix!
Anyway…. if you enjoy any string of these clips & excerpts, please find and pay a listen to the entire original show, they’re all available in the archive! the latter ones have thorough playlist pages, I’ll get to the older ones as time allows.

It’s been a long time coming, but your studio host and the Oakistani catacomb studio will be permanently parting ways soon – I’ll be offing to the opposite side of the sphere to live, work and ideally re-establish a smooth phono-genic link with you all very soon by way of new downloadable, regionally inspired shows – so i hope you’ll pay an ear in time.
Snipping cables and burning receipts is gritty, dirty, time consuming business, so best to discontinue these with some weeks to spare.This is not a disappearing act entirely, as the regular day to day shirley & Spinoza stream will continue – and a new era of s&S radio is poking just around the corner. So, no worries…I hope you’ll stay tuned.

Where to?: returning to Xinjiang, P.R. China – for a good while. There’ll be more info here soon with more details about all that….but here, enjoy a little bit of the past.
-yours in sound & servitude,
-FC (s&S / ROGC/ your crotchety 99 year old intern, etc)


running time: 5 hours!


s&S: Semi-Bi-Quarterly-Fall 2002: Run & Cry

Posted on October 22nd, 2002 by s&S.
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  • Listen to a Lo-Fi stream of all tracks in sequence or individually using the player above,
  • OR download the whole thing (192kbp mp3s) as one zipped file by clicking HERE (99MB)

The Semi-Bi-Quarterly series was simply intended to be a packaging scheme to compile elements of the shirley & Spinoza universe for folks less inclined to live tethered to a web-radio line. The idea was to put together volumes within no defined regular time-frame – when I had time basically…hence the name. These were mostly just to give away to friends and associates who already confessed to a short lived addiction to the stream of those days. The original covers, inside and out were all hand cut, constructed, so there just weren’t very many.

Fall 2002: “Run & Cry” / 跑和哭 featured an assortment of compositions, cutups and ‘songs’ made by one or the other of us exclusively for s&S radio during the preceding spring and summer. In many cases, they were improvised bits from within live shows that were then refined into the forms here.

*note – these guys & Half Eating: Baby Lion’s Nightmare also appeared on: Oddio Overplay’s free, downloadable 2006 Halloween album “Calling All Fiends”

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Free Radio Berkeley (1997-1998)

Posted on June 1st, 1998 by s&S.
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Free Radio Berkeley was an unlicensed community micro-power FM radio station operating in Berkeley in the latter 1990′s. It was the most notorious micro station at the time as it’s unofficial head, having generated murky waters and institutional sympathy with the project, was constantly and admirably embroiled in legal stand-offs with the feds.

s&S had a show there in 1995-96 (just one of us) and 1997-98 (dynamic duo!)….sandwiched between a well done show called Slave Revolt Radio and another featuring the local bike Nazi something or other.

The revolution notwithstanding, FRB was at any given time an abysmal technical wreck (broken decks covered in duct tape glue, buzzing broken turntables that sounded like B-24 air-raids underneath all your tracks, microphones that literally smelled like alcoholic hippie kitchen puke mixed with incense…) but it was time of early ritualistic show making for s AND S that gave us an excuse to happily freak out a little in between proper sound-editing jobs. Lord knows why they gave us, these impostor sound clowns the key.

Because of the chronically trashed state of affairs at FRB, and tired of finding that we couldn’t use the source material we’d brought because the decks were all broken, we enacted two tactics: the first was the assemblage of the original s&S noise kit, a self contained second-hand hard suitcase wired and fitted with CD players, a cassette deck, effects, a mic, mixer, power, etc…All we needed was an outlet and inputs to plug into and we were good to go! As our shows became more sonically ambitious, I started pre-editing sources until we ultimately reached a point where we simply did the entire live show in one take 90 minutes before air-time at my more reliable home bedroom studio, made some sandwiches, then jumped in my pickup-truck toward the station to play the resultant DAT tape and layer a few more things on top…. Yeah, we were cheating, but hell…nothing ever worked at that joint! Plus too many FRB weirdos ;) would drop in to check out what we were doing…thus breaking the spell.
Anyway… FRB… really though – very fond memories! Thanks for putting up with us.

While the motherload of shows from s&S’s Free Radio Berkeley days are not available to me to post in the Archive currently, behold an action-packed list of clips and intros.

ALSO: a 30 minute edit of s&S moments from FRB in 1995 aka “episode 24″ can be found in the Archive HERE


s&S: episode 24

Posted on October 21st, 1995 by s&S.
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While the title of this ‘show’ might suggest that it directly followed Episode 23, that’s not exactly the case.

“23″ was a half hour compilation of segments from the first semester of s&S during the CalArts years – compiled from and to cassette in 1993. Episode 24 was also similarly a compilation sampler of unrelated segments but mostly pulled from the shows when S of s&S had a generally solo stint assaulting the micro-power airwaves at Free Radio Berkeley the year or two following (1994-5).

After graduating, S of s&S moved up north to the San Francisco Bay Area, while s of s&S stayed at CalArts for another pair of years to throw more money into the art school well. Often I (s) would generate layered source mix tapes to send north to Dave and he would use use them in the mix of his show at FRB – which was at the time in the converted upstairs bathroom of a group hippie house in Oakland. Truth be told, “s&S north” may have embellished these clips a bit before offing them to me by post back in 1994 or ’5. But a spastic radio-audio letter from a best pal, shoot! what could be more fun to get in the mail?…
And…so…. suddenly, the Berkeley burnout callers revealed proof of the geography…no question that s&S had quite shifted to the Bay Area.

Listen to a Lo-Fi stream here:

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stream / download the Hi-Fi 192kbps MP3 file below:


s&S: episode 23

Posted on April 1st, 1993 by s&S.
Categories: collage, found / thriftstore, improvisation, Latest Additions!, live-mix, vintage s&S.

From the deep dark corners of the s&S vault:

We first started pushing noises around the mixer for fun as s&S while film students at the California Institute of the Arts in the early 1990′s.

After signing up for our first extra curricular radio show slot, we quickly discovered that straight-up music playing was best reserved for the proverbial birds (and professionals) and that it was just loads more fun once you essentially started dumping all of your records onto the mixer at once. Not only that, but most music really did sound better to our ears at the time with the sound of baaaah-ing sheep in the background… and Gyuoto monk chant LPs did sound better at 78 rpm. I mean, how else could we ever have time or opportunity to preview all the crap that we scavenged from thriftbins the previous weekend?

During this much more spastic era of s&S, we’d shuttle the entire collection of thriftstore records in 2 turbo charged, AA battery powered supermarket shopping carts across campus to the closed circuit radio closet that was KCIA for our weekly show. Obviously improvised micro skits and nonsensical one liners glued together the bursts of glorious thriftcore on the fly each week to the listening enjoyment of the 4 or 5 folks that could actually pick up the signal in their art studios on the floors below.

“Episode 23″ was a half hour compilation of segments from our first semester of shows during 1992-1993. all excerpts taken from the lo-bias audio cassette air-check tapes that we’d kept each week. “23″ was though, simply meant to end up on the B-side on 60 minutes mix tapes sent to friends in the mail at the time…..



Listen to a Lo-Fi stream here:

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stream / download the Hi-Fi 192kbps MP3 file below: