ROGC: The Big Jettison (last live show on s&S)

Posted on May 14th, 2006 by s&S.
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ROGC: The Big Jettison! (last show)
LIVE-mixed webcast re-hash: May 14th, 2006

This was the last live-mix webcast on s&S from the Oakistan studio. over 5 hours long – conveniently broken up into 1 hour chunks because…. well, lets just be reasonable.


This night we released the auxiliary rocket boosters and sand bags, folks.
This was the LAST live webcast show on s&S – at least for a good while. So, it seemed appropriate to needle-drop on highlights from past ROGC shows; say farewell, play some music, too many clips from The Omega Man DVD and whatever else fell into the mix.

Over the last year plus, I took to offering these regular little themed sonic rides … from low-concept to slightly above low-concept – creating the soundtracks of imaginary films on the fly! During that time, this little Sunday ROGC theater offered the improvised likes of vaudville dada-systems; semi stories, wishful documentaries; the sounds of party-favor science films and sometimes even just nice music.
With several varied but themed sources and elements routinely layered at once (via turntables, CD’s, mp3′s, loops, microphoned objects, a synth, sampler, etc…) , sonic terrains and narratives were revealed to me in the same moments as they were to those of you that tuned in for the LIVE webcasts.
Yay! live-mix!
Anyway…. if you enjoy any string of these clips & excerpts, please find and pay a listen to the entire original show, they’re all available in the archive! the latter ones have thorough playlist pages, I’ll get to the older ones as time allows.

It’s been a long time coming, but your studio host and the Oakistani catacomb studio will be permanently parting ways soon – I’ll be offing to the opposite side of the sphere to live, work and ideally re-establish a smooth phono-genic link with you all very soon by way of new downloadable, regionally inspired shows – so i hope you’ll pay an ear in time.
Snipping cables and burning receipts is gritty, dirty, time consuming business, so best to discontinue these with some weeks to spare.This is not a disappearing act entirely, as the regular day to day shirley & Spinoza stream will continue – and a new era of s&S radio is poking just around the corner. So, no worries…I hope you’ll stay tuned.

Where to?: returning to Xinjiang, P.R. China – for a good while. There’ll be more info here soon with more details about all that….but here, enjoy a little bit of the past.
-yours in sound & servitude,
-FC (s&S / ROGC/ your crotchety 99 year old intern, etc)


running time: 5 hours!

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Comment on September 30th, 2007.

I miss you guys soooo much :-(

When will you come back?


Comment on November 5th, 2007.

this is the bet radio of ever
please back to the air…
or just share more arquives to listen

Slaphappy McSniffer

Comment on May 1st, 2009.

I hate it that you are no more.

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