ROGC: The Big Jettison (last live show on s&S)

Posted on May 14th, 2006 by s&S.
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ROGC: The Big Jettison! (last show)
LIVE-mixed webcast re-hash: May 14th, 2006

This was the last live-mix webcast on s&S from the Oakistan studio. over 5 hours long – conveniently broken up into 1 hour chunks because…. well, lets just be reasonable.


This night we released the auxiliary rocket boosters and sand bags, folks.
This was the LAST live webcast show on s&S – at least for a good while. So, it seemed appropriate to needle-drop on highlights from past ROGC shows; say farewell, play some music, too many clips from The Omega Man DVD and whatever else fell into the mix.

Over the last year plus, I took to offering these regular little themed sonic rides … from low-concept to slightly above low-concept – creating the soundtracks of imaginary films on the fly! During that time, this little Sunday ROGC theater offered the improvised likes of vaudville dada-systems; semi stories, wishful documentaries; the sounds of party-favor science films and sometimes even just nice music.
With several varied but themed sources and elements routinely layered at once (via turntables, CD’s, mp3′s, loops, microphoned objects, a synth, sampler, etc…) , sonic terrains and narratives were revealed to me in the same moments as they were to those of you that tuned in for the LIVE webcasts.
Yay! live-mix!
Anyway…. if you enjoy any string of these clips & excerpts, please find and pay a listen to the entire original show, they’re all available in the archive! the latter ones have thorough playlist pages, I’ll get to the older ones as time allows.

It’s been a long time coming, but your studio host and the Oakistani catacomb studio will be permanently parting ways soon – I’ll be offing to the opposite side of the sphere to live, work and ideally re-establish a smooth phono-genic link with you all very soon by way of new downloadable, regionally inspired shows – so i hope you’ll pay an ear in time.
Snipping cables and burning receipts is gritty, dirty, time consuming business, so best to discontinue these with some weeks to spare.This is not a disappearing act entirely, as the regular day to day shirley & Spinoza stream will continue – and a new era of s&S radio is poking just around the corner. So, no worries…I hope you’ll stay tuned.

Where to?: returning to Xinjiang, P.R. China – for a good while. There’ll be more info here soon with more details about all that….but here, enjoy a little bit of the past.
-yours in sound & servitude,
-FC (s&S / ROGC/ your crotchety 99 year old intern, etc)


running time: 5 hours!


Ub Radio #12: Yak Beer!

Posted on May 7th, 2006 by s&S.
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UbRadio: Yak Beer (aka the last Ub show on s&S)
LIVE-webcast: May 7th, 2006


“Our good pal F-yakbeer-sto, most honorable host of Shirley & Spinoza internet radio, will be heading back to “country-X” for a while to pursue his adventures, so we wanted to put together a sort of send-off with our last uB-radio broadcast on s&S as we wish him well and show our appreciation for hosting the uB-radio show for a while. A lot of good times were had at these shows and much camaraderie and creativity was shared. We’re equally as appreciative that F-yakbeer-sto put forth all the great creative energy to help archive them online in their entirety.

running time: 3 hours