Lighter than Air

Posted on July 31st, 2005 by s&S.
Categories: *Otis Fodder, *Royal Oakland Gramophone Co., collage, found / thriftstore, live-mix, other guests, spoken.

July 31st, 2005 8-10pm
Lighter Than Air!

“Mr.flOaTIS Fodder, Cptn. FC Mallard & Refreshment Specialist Judith Breezey steered for a live, webcasted stumble around the werrrld in this maiden voyage of the s&S “Lighter Than Air”. The recording of this show was salvaged from the surviving black-box tape.

running time: 2 hours


ROGC: Songs for Sunken Submarines

Posted on July 24th, 2005 by s&S.
Categories: *Royal Oakland Gramophone Co., collage, exotic, found / thriftstore, live-mix, spoken.

July 24th 2005 8-10pm
ROGC: Songs For Sunken Submarines

OOoo..<*)))-{ This night, as a followup to the Intelligent Swarmy show, the Royal Oakland Gramophone Company took a deep sea tour via the trusty time-space sound machine - channelling the songs of lonely-heart humpbacks, sea lions, alien submersibles & drunken sailors - all serenading the great iron coffins off the Oakistan coast. From above and below the waterline running time: 2 hours


ROGC: Intelligent SWARMY

Posted on July 17th, 2005 by s&S.
Categories: *Royal Oakland Gramophone Co., collage, exotic, field recordings, found / thriftstore, live-mix, noise, spoken.

ROGC - Inteligent SWARMY

July 17th 2005 8-10pm

ROGC: Intelligent SWARMY

as a followup to the 17 Year Cicada show:
flying insects, swarms, bagpipes, boots, militaries, worldly war and battle music, sounds, spoken word, other stuff.

perfect listening when kicking around fields & streets of expired locusts

running time: 2 hours


ROGC: 17 Year Cicada

Posted on July 10th, 2005 by s&S.
Categories: *Royal Oakland Gramophone Co., collage, electronic, experimental, field recordings, live-mix, noise, spoken.


July 10th 2005, 8-10pm
ROGC: 17 Year Cicada

After 17 years of loveless, subterranian root munching, how about inviting all your swingin single pals for the biggest ‘hook-up’ party of your seemingly eternal pupal life!

Let’s make some noise!!! Yes, I realize not all of the cicadas in this episode are of the aforementioned variety…. But with all the merry-making, I don’t think anyone minded a handful of inter-species party crashers.

I’d discovered a bunch of cassette recordings online of a woman describing the month-long coming (and going) of 17 year Cicadas (Brood X) in 2004 and 1987. While her cicadas completely overloaded her recordings, her narration was what i was most attracted to… A sentimental biologist’s tone. This show was easily inspired. Insects are generally good for that.

running time: 2 hours


Ub Radio #02: DoGGoD

Posted on July 3rd, 2005 by s&S.
Categories: *Big City Orchestra, *Ub Radio, collage, experimental, improvisation, noise, spoken.

July 3rd 2005, 8-11pm
(…as with 1st Sundays of the month):
Ub Radio: DoGGoD

LIVE from the s&S studios (and the hallways in between)

featuring object & machine sounds by: tonight’s Big City Orchestra (dAS, Ninah Pixie, Cheryl E. Leonard, Rob Wortman, Otis Fodder, tradeMARK, Christy Brand and Fausto)

**..the Canine Divine… all (or most) of your concerns about the canine and the divine were elegantly dealt with during this month’s 3 hour routine-ritual-audio-procedure

running time: 3 hours