s&S: episode 23

Posted on April 1st, 1993 by s&S.
Categories: collage, found / thriftstore, improvisation, Latest Additions!, live-mix, vintage s&S.

From the deep dark corners of the s&S vault:

We first started pushing noises around the mixer for fun as s&S while film students at the California Institute of the Arts in the early 1990′s.

After signing up for our first extra curricular radio show slot, we quickly discovered that straight-up music playing was best reserved for the proverbial birds (and professionals) and that it was just loads more fun once you essentially started dumping all of your records onto the mixer at once. Not only that, but most music really did sound better to our ears at the time with the sound of baaaah-ing sheep in the background… and Gyuoto monk chant LPs did sound better at 78 rpm. I mean, how else could we ever have time or opportunity to preview all the crap that we scavenged from thriftbins the previous weekend?

During this much more spastic era of s&S, we’d shuttle the entire collection of thriftstore records in 2 turbo charged, AA battery powered supermarket shopping carts across campus to the closed circuit radio closet that was KCIA for our weekly show. Obviously improvised micro skits and nonsensical one liners glued together the bursts of glorious thriftcore on the fly each week to the listening enjoyment of the 4 or 5 folks that could actually pick up the signal in their art studios on the floors below.

“Episode 23″ was a half hour compilation of segments from our first semester of shows during 1992-1993. all excerpts taken from the lo-bias audio cassette air-check tapes that we’d kept each week. “23″ was though, simply meant to end up on the B-side on 60 minutes mix tapes sent to friends in the mail at the time…..



Listen to a Lo-Fi stream here:

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stream / download the Hi-Fi 192kbps MP3 file below:

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