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Posted on July 27th, 2008 by s&S.
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My pop, the king of mariachi mix-tapes, was excited when i suggested we do a little podcasty 1 hour mix of favorite songs and sounds from his collection to share. I mean, what’s a visit home (after 2 long years in the PRC!) without attempting to revisit the cultural household sounds of my youth and make a little radio show with them, right?
Featuring music and other fun recordings. If you understand Spanish, you’ll get the back-announces and other half of the banter. Otherwise, you can follow the playlist below. Enjoy!

listen to SO-SO quality stream here:

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DOWNLOAD Hi Quality HERE: Radio El Monte 2008/07/27

playing time : 1 hour


  • Mom talking while walking – GO!
  • Dad’s introduction / Mom’s OK
  • 2. NAYLA (Marimba)
  • DJ’s (FC3 & FC2) Intros and banter
  • station ID: Radio…Radio…Radio!
  • 3. LA NEGRA (Mariachi)
  • DJ’s Caceres (sorry for the slight distortion)
  • 4. TE TRAIGO SERENATA (Pedro Vargas)
  • Mom talking “I love it. I love it!”
  • 5. LUPITA (Sonora Matancera)
  • DJ’s Caceres (with Dad’s back announce)
  • Commercial: Fundador Cognac
  • Victor, Mom and Dad singing
  • Mom didn’t like it
  • 7. MIA (Trio Los Panchos)
  • 8. AMALIA ROSA (Jose Luis Rodriguez)
  • Mom & Rocky (mom’s bird)
  • 9. QUIZAS, QUIZAS (Pedro Vargas)
  • Commercial: Fundador Cognac #2
  • 10. PELEA DE GALLOS (Mariachi America)
  • DJ’s Caceres with Dad’s back announce
  • 11. MOSAICO HONDUREÑO (Marimba Usula)
  • Sofia & Erika – slap
  • Little Rascals haw haw haw
  • 12. EL TENAMPA (Pedro Infante)
  • Mom “about another one”
  • 13. GUADALAJARA (Mariachi Vargas de Tecalitlan)
  • 14. LA VERDOLAGA (Juan Torres con Mariachi)
  • DJ Caceres’ – Dad’s song introduction
  • 15. LAS MAÑANITAS (Mariachi Vargas de Tecalitlan)
  • Victor & Dad singing
  • 16. CEREZO ROSA (Perez Prado)
  • 17. DE NIÑA A MUJER (Julio Iglesias)
  • DJ’s Caceres: Good bye!
  • 18. VOY A APAGAR LA LUZ (Trio Los Panchos)
  • Just relax

Followup Radio El Monte show is HERE

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