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Posted on May 6th, 2008 by s&S.
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Mic Bud + Linda 33

music mix

From our favorite SoCal Norwegian Viking covered in kittens comes this drinking horn brimming with goodies – compiled from the desktop radio studio of KNUTe.

stream Lo-Fi OR download Hi-Fi 192kbps file below


  • Knute Babbling
  • Royal Intro
  • Cousin Linda
  • Cocktails For Two
  • SpikeJones – Cocktails For Two
  • Ivor Cutler – A Great Grey Grasshopper
  • Marvin The Martian – K9-BugsBunny
  • BulgarkaJ Quartet – Bre Petrunko
  • Sanskrit Lessons 9-12 – SNAgnihotri
  • Josephine Baker – Le Mots D’Amour
  • Paraguay – Alberto De Luque – Tupasy Caacupe
  • T Storm Hunter – Sybil Flagg Album – Sorry Little Mudball 1990
  • The Jesters – So Strange -1957
  • Steeleye Span – Rag Doll
  • Shakespeare – Comedy Of Errors
  • Scarlatti – Sonata L391K039 in A – Horowitz
  • Bernie Green – Concerto For Calliope
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Comment on July 2nd, 2008.

Cocktails for Two is surely one of the cleverest and weirdest sound-effects showcases ever. What a band! I still have the original 45rpm set somewhere, my dad gave it to me and my sister and I spent much of our childhood trying to do the noises. We still do. And Ivor Cutler also has a lot to answer for, love him.

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