Posted on October 27th, 2008 by s&S.
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Behold an assorted playlist of spooky old timey radio stories, horror movie trailers and soundtracks. There are hours and hours here, so….simply scroll through and pick a track to enjoy,
shuffle the list by clicking on the 3rd control button from the left and let her rip.
To download for portable listening, click on the image on the right hand side of the player for your chosen track. Happy Hallowe’en!
-FC (s&S)

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Comment on December 27th, 2012.

I REALLY want to download this but don’t seem to be able to! I usually right click and ‘save target as’ on the download link and have attempted to download it via the image on the right but it just opens the track in the media player.


(Thanks in advance and keep up the good work, I’m converting people away from the mainstream and to your brilliant station at every given opportunity!)


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