guest performances: Dat Politics / Printed Circuit

Posted on May 29th, 2005 by s&S.
Categories: electronic, other guests, performance.

May 29th 2005, 8pm

LIVE: Printed Circuit & DAT Politics


on her planetary rounds from the UK, mizz Claire (aka Printed Circuit) joined us here in the Oakland catacombs with high gain French beeboopists DAT Politics and presented a LIVE back to back double whammy of relentlessly hopparoo sounds – (the CoStar game didn’t materialize – but it will one of these days – our advocate on the matter called in sick) If you did’t bounce at least twice when you heard this music, then consider the s&S recovery copter ‘on it’s way’ – to retrieve your corpse.

Don’t have the full archive of this show up yet, but here are some exerpts in the mean time…

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