ROGC: Roaring Brass Flower

Posted on April 10th, 2005 by s&S.
Categories: *Royal Oakland Gramophone Co., collage, exotic, experimental, field recordings, live-mix, spoken.


April 10th 2005, 8pm
Royal Oakland Gramophone Company: Roaring Brass Flower

The original inspiration for the ROGC were the stories and recordings of the early expeditions during the first decade of the 20th century, namely the recordings by the Gramophone Co. of London of the Caucasus in 1908-1909
The thought of a lost recorder perhaps being passed along and traded by merchants and locals, each contributing a small imprint to the hand cranked anthropological sound collage had a nice narrative appeal. Then there was the floral shape of the bell itself, which of course attraced the futuristic mechanical insects that were sent from the far, far distant future to all points in time to invisibly relay the sounds of civilization. Something like that.
This show was actually a composite of the March 20th / and March 27th 2005 shows. I cut them together into an hour show for air on Otoscope, Nantes France…

**mp3 excerpts:

running time: 1 hour

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