Some Damn Intern: enough with the Satan

Posted on April 24th, 2005 by s&S.
Categories: *Headphoner & the Nurse, *Some Damn Intern, collage, experimental, found / thriftstore, live-mix, music mix, spoken.

April 24th 2005, 8pm

LIVE: Some Damn Intern (s&S)

No….Royal Oakland Gramophone Company passed for the evening – apparently the caravan leader was poisoned while en route from 1905 to the contemporary timeslot. ROGC will re-emerge with the promised episode May 15th. Instead, SOME DAMN INTERN hand picked, played and mixed music and sounds for your enjoyment. Satan dropped in to the studio for a bit (just to mooch off our chips and extra spicy salsa), but we were ready – and neutralized his sassy, evil ass with handfuls of sonic baking soda.

….then, at 10pm

Headphoner & The Nurse: Village (repeat)

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