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Posted on July 30th, 2008 by s&S.
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June 30, 2008

music mix

This tends to become a nervous habit of mine it seems when I get this busy these days. To add to the madness of recurring transitions here in the PRC, I figured I’d dedicate this hour to you to say…”Hey! I’m still thinking of you!”
This is just another one-off live mix of music and such, put together in real time on the fly. I left Urumchi, Xinjiang a month ago after living there the last couple of years and have been in Nanning, Guangxi since. I’ll be leaving tomorrow for Yunnan and then returning to the states for a month next week. It’s been 2 years since I’ve had an avocado – so, seriously… look out!
There’ll be another of these in the coming days – though focused on and featuring the sounds of Xinjiang that I’m already very nostalgic for. Stay tuned!

Here, I present another random collection of music that has come down the pipe in recent months. Consider this a collaborative downloadable mix with “the Wolf” who has been quite generous with submissions! Enjoy!

* The section featuring an old friend, artist Helen Hill is from a recording I had made of her in 1994 or so – talking about her grandfather “Pop” – I’d always thought about her as one of my favorite eccentrics on this planet. You can read HERE for why I consider this recording of her so very extra special.

stream Lo-Fi OR download Hi-Fi 192kbps file below


  • DJ Intro
  • Chopin – Impromptu Op 51 in G flat major
  • Remote Operator ID
  • Richard Hayman – Voodoo – Mamba
  • Commercial – Survive All Shelters: 2 weeks
  • s&S Station ID – Weatherman Jingle
  • JagaJazzist – Kitty Wu
  • shortwave & mouth sounds / Remote Operator ID
  • FC – Leaky Apartment music
  • He’s Pop – Helen Hill talks about her grandfather, “Pop”
  • s&S – Broken, bouncing, mixed-up radio waves from your planet
  • Sun Ra and his Astro-Galactic Infinity Arkestra – Perfect Man
  • StoryCorps – Jegasothy
  • Valley on the Indus
  • Andre Popp – lajava Du Diable
  • DJ banter
  • Movie Trailer – Logan’s Run
  • Hal Willner – Levinsky of the Spirits
  • Commercial – Survive All Shelter: See a Shelter Today!
  • Don Sebasky – The Trip
  • Top Secret – Swedish Scene (backwards)
  • Ozdemir Erdogan Ve Orkestrasi (Turkish Psychedelic)- Uzun Ince Bir Yoldayim
  • Brian Eno / Mobius – Broken Head
  • Andromeda Strain (film) scene
  • Delia Derbyshire – Blue Veils and Golden Sands
  • Ken Nordine – Alphabet
  • Ian in SuZhou again : s&S ID
  • Qiu Ju Theme
  • Pearl Bailey – Since I Became a Hussy for my Husband
  • Basin Street Blues – Kid Koala
  • DJ Banter
  • Delia Derbyshire with Barry Bermange – Dreams (Edit B)
  • Harold Budd & Brian Eno – Their Memories
  • DJ sign off
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