Some Damn Intern: The Path of Least Resistance

Posted on October 23rd, 2005 by s&S.
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October 23rd 8pm-midnight
webcast: October 23rd, 2005
Some Damn Intern: The Path of Least Resistance

…so that means “straight up spinning” – okay?
Unfortunately, someone seemed to have foolishly misplaced the studio key. While looking in all the obvious places however, station manager FC Mallard heard a light scratching (fingers AND vinyl) coming from within – either morse code for “SOS, SOS” or “Yo! Yo! Yo!” – we’re not sure. It looks like one sneaky individual of our usually trusty army of interns, ‘Li’l Bouncer’, intentionally locked himself inside to seize a bit of air-time.
While this might imply a problem for tonight’s LIVE webcast, we struck a deal wherein he promised to keep a steady, joyful inspired stream of favorite, fun sounds cascading from the decks and turntables for this extended slot
….and in RETURN, we promised to push vitamins, healthy, hearty soups and water (or at least water soluable tear-gas) through the keyhole until the jaws-of-life & a spanking paddle arrived from the emergency prop rental place.


total running time: 4 hours

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