Ub Radio #07: String Things

Posted on December 4th, 2005 by s&S.
Categories: *Big City Orchestra, *Ub Radio, experimental, improvisation, noise, spoken.


December 4th 2005 8-11pm
Ub Radio: – String Things

STRINGular, STRINGtastic!!! LIVE & direct from the Oakland studio and adjoining hallways

(Unfortunately, we had some technical problems that prevented us from streaming to you right at 8pm… that was remedied by 9pm – so if you tuned in to this show and didn’t hear it on time, we aplogize – it commenced on time as usual – to the record deck until the technical racket was re- (um..) ‘strung’ , so here it is in it’s 3 hour entirety:

live set participants:

Cheryl E. Leonard ,dAS uB-kat, A.L. Dentel, Cliff Neighbors, Peter Whitehead

spoken-word, scripted material, show hosts:

Ninah Pixie, Jesse Burson, Melissa Margolis & your engineer Fausto

running time: 3 hours

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