Ub Radio #08

Posted on January 1st, 2006 by s&S.
Categories: *Big City Orchestra, *Ub Radio, collage, experimental, improvisation, noise, other guests.

January 1st, 2006 8-11pm
Ub Radio #8

This was a special pre-recorded show hosted by dAS of the usual Ub Radio crew. In this yummy little 1/1/’06 gifty-pie, the man thrust a diamond tipped, mp3-encoded shovel deep into the Ub Radio time capsule – to see what long lost treasures would come a-bubblin up. The history of UbRadio is aeons older than appearances on s&S, you see. These nomadic noise makers and hosts have been bringing you delicious warm, noise milk to amuse and challenge since ….um the mid freakin 80′s? (is that right, dAS?)

sounds and performances by:

Freshly Wrapped Candies,
Illusion of Safety,
Monks of Doom,
Crash Worship,
Monte Cazazza,
Randy Grief,
If, Bwana,
The Haters,

runing time: 3 hours

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